We Create … We Make Anew!!!


Initially known as MegaBliss and later as Wider World, the company underwent a transformation and emerged as 4Mamas Creative Boutique. This rebranding was crucial in realizing the founder’s vision of showcasing their creative prowess to enhance the world and create a more enjoyable environment for everyone, including men. The company is officially registered as a limited liability company (LLC) under the Company Act of Pennsylvania, United States. Its present location is also in Pennsylvania, USA.

The primary objective of the company is to generate remarkable and distinctive ideas and concepts, which are then offered for sale to interested parties who would further develop them into tangible or intangible products. Additionally, the organization personally develops selected ideas that it deems suitable for its own production.

The ideas and concepts can span across a wide spectrum, encompassing both physical and non-physical products and services. They cover various sectors of global production and business industries, including but not limited to the medical field, advertising and marketing, engineering and construction, commodity products, electronics and aviation, communications, entertainment, media, and more.

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